Centre for Adolescent Health and Social Development is a duly registered (Registration number 161301) not-for-profit organization in Nigeria poised to improve the wellbeing of adolescents in Nigeria and Africa at large. This we are currently doing by leveraging on sustainable partnerships with organizations whose mission and objectives align with ours, harnessing the power of technology and social media platforms as well as community interventions to reach our target population.

Over the past six years, we have been deeply involved in delivering school and community health interventions and programs across different communities (including hard-to-reach), schools (public and private) in different parts of North-Central, South-South and South-Western part of the country. Our interventions which have been largely focused on WASH, menstrual health, sexual and reproductive health, nutrition, and mental health for adolescents has had over 10,000 beneficiaries.

We have also systematically and consistently used our social media platforms to disseminate evidence-based, age and culturally appropriate health education to our target audience through live chats, webinars and social media posts.

We also take pride in capacity building, providing easy access to reliable and comprehensible health education materials for free dissemination and use during our intervention programs. In the past five years, we have produced and distributed about 5,000 copies of menstrual health and sexual and reproductive health pamphlets during our various interventions.

We also leverage on the wealth of experience and expertise of our Board of Trustees and volunteers to ensure our objectives and programs are well targeted, innovative, comprehensive and highly adaptable to suit social and cultural contexts.

Since inception, we have partnered with local and International NGOs, CBOs, Public and Private institutions such as Tulsi Chanrai Foundation (which recently awarded us a grant for implementation of projects in FCT), Codrops Solutions, Global Shapers (Lagos Hub), Agape for Women and Children Emancipation (a Kenya-based adolescent focused organization), The Chatty Caterpillar (a Singaporean Mental and Wellness Organization), Building Stars (a grassroot organization), One Voice Initiative for Women and Children Emancipation, Brain and Spines Surgery Consortium, Centre for Mass Education, and the Ministry of Education, FCT (through Universal Basic Education Board and Secondary Education Board).


Core Values


We believe strongly in creating a nurturing and supportive environment for our adolescents to thrive to attain the best outcomes.


To deliver on our mission and vision, we take pride in the highest level of integrity while interacting with our stakeholders and providing our products and services for the end-users.


In dealing with people who matter to us, we maintain an uncompromised work ethic and excellence while also catering to our team members’ needs.


The world is continually changing; hence, to meet our target population’s demands, we need to evolve continuously and consistently through our team members’ unparalleled skill acquisition and competencies.

Diversity and Inclusion

We break unhealthy social constructs and societal prejudices and create a paradigm shift that fosters collaboration, respect, human dignity, human rights, and universality through diversity and inclusion.


  • To embark on programmatic interventions geared towards reducing preventable deaths in adolescents.
  • To promote the health and well-being of adolescents and youths while also creating a safe space for the vulnerable population of adolescents
  • To invest in research and development on adolescent health to influence evidence-based policies; unravel the latest issues in this age group and develop need-based interventions.
  • To continuously advocate for better policies and systems to ensure improved health outcomes in adolescents and youths.
  • To form strategic collaboration and partnership with organizations that will enhance the attainment of the overall objectives.
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