"My two boys listened to this talk show, and they are very happy to understand the body changes they are going through. It even helped in having conversations with them concerning puberty. My sons now know why I always emphasize that they should always shower when they return from school and wash their armpits whenever they sweat because of body odour. Thank you so much for this program."
(live chat audience), (Facebook Live chat on Puberty in Boys)
"The World Health Organization states that in 2020' keeping adolescents safe' is one of the ten most urgent health challenges. I strongly recommend people subscribe to the Centre for Adolescent Health and Social Development, founded by Dr Fatimah Odusote! I had the pleasure of studying Masters in Public Administration in Singapore with my Nigerian Sister. Throughout the year, I am convinced by her mission of promoting adolescent health through her consistent efforts. On their Facebook page, we can regularly see information and expert talks moderated by Dr Fatimah. Even though the practices are based in Africa, people from other regions can learn much."
Jenny Jenish Kyzy
August 2020
"I have worked with the organization's coordinator to implement an adolescent health program at a Public School before now and I don’t have any doubt about her capacity and that of the organization. Through her coordination, the organization was able to deliver efficiently, effectively, and impactfully on that project. The community has a role to play in the lives of adolescents. This program has called the attention of the adolescents to aspects that will permanently impact their lives and have lots of generational effects because the future of Nigeria depends on how the adolescents are handled. To have a qualitative adulthood and human asset, we must be interested in what adolescents do and how they grow. And the management of the growth is the responsibility of adults and professionals from various fields- medicine, education, economics etc."
Mr Idris Ismael
Assistant Head of Continuing Education Unit (Sexual and reproductive health intervention at the Centre for Mass Education, Bwari, Federal Capital Territory)
"We have been enlightened the more. I feel so excited because the students were able to hear directly from healthcare practitioners regarding the real aspects of sexual and reproductive health as regards puberty which further builds on the conversations I have been having with them as the school's Guardian and Counselor."
Mr Adamu Zakaria, Guardian and Counsellor
(Sexual and reproductive health intervention at the Centre for Mass Education, Bwari, Federal Capital Territory)
"I love the conversation. It's just natural."
Dr Weyoms (Pediatrician and Community Health Practitioner)
(Facebook Live chat to commemorate International Day of the girl-child)
"It was an impactful session."
Edun M. Eniola
(Live chat audience), (Facebook Live chat on Sexual Child grooming and adolescents)
"I am delighted to witness today's health talk by the Centre for Adolescent Health and Social Development in collaboration with the Centre for Mass Education, Bwari. I have two children who are currently adolescents and undergoing pubertal changes. I am thrilled to learn more today about the various changes during adolescence (including behavioural ones). Before today, I used to think my daughter, who is an adolescent, was possessed! I did not know she was going through the developmental rigours of puberty. However, I now understand better, and I will make changes."
Mrs Helen (Parent and Participant)
(sexual and reproductive health intervention at the Centre for Mass Education, Bwari, Federal Capital Territory)
“This is a great pleasure for the students and an opportunity to address the concerns and questions of my colleagues to which they have been willing to get answers. I learnt so much, and my colleagues are happy about what they learnt. Based on the new knowledge, they will be able to interact with their friends better."
Student participant
(Sexual and reproductive health intervention at the Centre for Mass Education, Bwari, Federal Capital Territory)
"We immensely appreciate the Centre for Adolescent Health and Social Development for this wonderful program put together to enlighten our students about menstruation. I am sure they all have learnt a lot, including our teachers. I must also commend the organization for its high level of professionalism. We hope they will return to give us another health talk, especially for our male students."
Mrs Gladys, The Principal, Government Secondary School, Karu
(Menstrual Health Intervention at Government Secondary School, Karu
"I have so much admiration for the pioneering and great work you are doing in your country. It's an example for other countries, including developed countries. Very excited about today's session. It highlights the importance of international and global networking."
Suzanne Crowley, Participant from Dublin
(Virtual Exchange Program on Sexual and Reproductive Health Community Interventions in Adolescents-Kenya and Nigeria as Case Studies)
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