The Centre for Adolescent Health and Social Development (CAHSD), established in 2017, is a not-for-profit organization focused on improving the well-being of adolescents through comprehensive community interventions and online mobilization and advocacy.

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Our headquarter is in Abuja, Nigeria. However, we also have our volunteer base in Lagos State. In addition, we implement programs in other parts of the country and inter-country through partnership with other non-governmental organizations and public and private institutions whose goals align with CAHSD.

CAHSD is a Non-Governmental Organization that relies heavily on grants and funding from individuals, philanthropists, and organizations to implement its programs successfully. Hence, we are always happy to receive your donations to enhance and promote our work.

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We are always looking forward to welcoming new volunteers who are passionate and committed to improving the well-being of adolescents in our organization. Our volunteer opportunities are usually open at specific periods of the year. Hence, we encourage you to keep checking our website or sign up for our newsletter on the home page for the latest news on volunteer opportunities.

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Volunteering with CAHSD is not paid. However, we pride ourselves in ensuring that volunteers of the organization who actively participate in interventions are offered an honorarium to compensate for their time and efforts. We also provide career and professional growth opportunities and capacity-building programs for all our volunteers.

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