What We Do

Our Focus

Health Education and Public Awareness

We use various platforms while also combining different tools and credible resources to create awareness and health education on prevailing health issues in this age group. Our health education targets adolescents and youths, their caregivers and other persons that could influence their health. With health education and public awareness, we aim to increase knowledge and influence positive attitudes and practices, thereby improving health outcomes in the long term that spans several generations.

Community Healthcare Services

We provide community healthcare services and interventions that are adolescent-friendly, accessible, affordable, inclusive and non-discriminatory to all adolescents. Such services are deliberately curated, pro-actively engaging adolescents from inception, socio-culturally appropriate, highly innovative, and well-tailored. Also, we invariably deliver community services to caregivers to ensure the stimulation and sustenance of positive ripple effects that rob off adolescents in the short and long term.

Skill acquisition and mentoring

Mentoring helps in fostering the psychological well-being of adolescents and mental health. Without optimal psychological well-being, our adolescents cannot attain and maintain a state of good health. Therefore, we invest heavily in creating mentoring and life skills support for adolescents and youths to guide and steer them in the right direction. We also provide skill acquisition programs for adolescents and youths who prefer to tread the path of craftmanship.

 We also organize training and workshops for adolescents, caregivers, teachers, healthcare professionals. The essence is to ensure that sustainable impact is achieved rather than a one-off intervention that reduces the attainment of intended objectives. In delivering the training, we use different models that best suit their needs to implement the programs.

Research and Policy Advocacy

High-quality data garnered through systematic research are critical drivers for unravelling problems and developing appropriate solutions. We pride ourselves in using the analysis to gather relevant and up to date information and data before embarking on interventions for adolescents and people that influence their health. By doing this, we ensure interventions meet the needs of end-users and can also be a prompter for revealing new problems that the government can use to be more proactive; shine lights on seemingly invisible issues and matters. We also immerse ourselves in innovations tailored to deliver better services and to stimulate creativity as the need arises.        

Based on research conducted and emerging trends, either locally or internationally, on adolescent health, we publish policy briefs and work with the government to inform the best policy decisions that are implementable and continuously evaluated to ensure optimal and improved health of adolescents and youths.

Counselling Services

With our counselling services, we offer help, support and a safe place for adolescents and caregivers/parents going through life challenges that might impede their functionality and ability to be optimally productive.

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